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PubMode is an extension for the widely used text editor Emacs that allows to search and retrieve bibliographic data from the PubMed literature database. It provides a full featured interface that - in the spirit of Emacs - can be efficiently controlled by keyboard commands. Citations can be searched, browsed and imported without the need for a web-browser or any other external program. In particular, PubMode is designed to integrate seamlessly with LaTeX/BibTeX in the process of creating scientific publications.

The current set of features include

The current version of PubMode is the first one released to the public. It implements a set of basic features that appeared reasonable to me. PubMode has been tested by myself and some of my colleagues. Care has been taken to foresee and handle all peculiar things that can occur in PubMed. However, it is likely that there are still many bugs and things that some people would handle in a different way. So if you find a bug, find things annoying, or have suggestions for additional features, please let me know.


Download latest version from Sourceforge

Currently, PubMode only support GNU Emacs 22.x or higher.

Getting started

Download the latest *.tar.gz package and extract it in /some/directory:

cd ~/some/directory
tar -xzf PubMode-0.1.tar.gz

Add the following lines to your Emacs configuration file .emacs

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/some/directory/PubMode-0.1/lisp")
(autoload 'pub-med "pub" "PubMed Interface for Emacs" t)
(global-set-key (kbd "C-c p") 'pub-med)

You can now query PubMed from within Emacs with "C-c p" or "M-x pub-med". Please refer to the files README and INSTALLATION for more information.


The right window shows the results for a PubMed query for "noncoding RNAs". Article six has been imported as BibTeX (lower left window) and cited in a LaTeX document (upper left window).



Please feel free to contact me for feature requests, comments, bug-reports etc.

Stefan Washietl
Last modified: 2008/03/18